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Flatbed Loads Utah, UT Flatbed Freight

90 Flatbed Loads Leaving Utah-UT

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salt lake city, UTboise, ID01/26/202120,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck46 View Details
AURORA, UTSTOCKTON, KS01/26/202145,000FTLFlatbed23 View Details
Provo, UTChicago, IL01/26/202130,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck5 View Details
Provo, UTHenderson, CO01/26/202130,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck9 View Details
Lindon, UTArvada, CO01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps9 View Details
Lindon, UTArvada, CO01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps9 View Details
Lindon, UTArvada, CO01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps9 View Details
Plymouth, UTFarmington, NM01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed1 View Details
Plymouth, UTDenver, CO01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed9 View Details
Plymouth, UTLubbock, TX01/26/202147,000FTLFlatbed25 View Details
Plymouth, UTCHEYENNE, WY01/26/202149,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck6 View Details
Plymouth, UTCHEYENNE, WY01/26/202145,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck6 View Details
GRANTSVILLE, UTBELLE FOURCHE, SD01/26/202145,000FTLVan or Flatbed9 View Details
PLYMOUTH, UTROCK SPRINGS, WY01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck6 View Details
lindon, UTMills, WY01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps6 View Details
lindon, UTMills, WY01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps6 View Details
lindon, UTMills, WY01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps6 View Details
Ogden, UTMidland, TX01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps25 View Details
Ogden, UTMidland, TX01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps25 View Details
Ogden, UTMidland, TX01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed w/Tarps25 View Details
Garrison, UTSacramento, CA01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck92 View Details
Garrison, UTLos Angeles, CA01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck92 View Details
Salt Lake City, UTLos Angeles, CA01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck92 View Details
Salt Lake City, UTSacramento, CA01/26/202148,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck92 View Details
BEAVER, UTSACRAMENTO, CA01/26/202140,000FTLFlatbed or Step Deck92 View Details

90 Flatbed Loads Leaving From Utah - UT

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Utah Flatbed Loads

Find Flatbed Loads Available in Utah - UT

FindFreightLoads.com makes it easy to find Flatbed loads in Utah. Call our Toll FREE 877-878-0939 number and get available Utah Flatbed loads even if you are not on the internet!. View available Flatbed loads to Utah for FREE. Why return from your latest trip with an empty Flatbed load? Browse our Utah Flatbed freight loadboard for available Flatbed loads to pick up.

Utah Flatbed Loads

Flatbed Truck drivers use Flatbed trailers to transport goods and materials from Utah to other states.
A Flatbed truck driver may perform the following tasks:

  • check brakes, oil, tyres and electrical systems
  • drive defensively and handle hazardous road conditions
  • load goods onto the truck either by hand, or by using a forklift or other lifting equipment
  • make sure that the load is correctly placed and secure it by using ropes and chains to avoid damage to the truck or the goods
  • calculate and estimate the weight of loads to comply with load limits
  • couple and uncouple trailers
  • change heavy tyres and clean and maintain vehicles
  • cover the load with tarpaulin
  • drive flatbed loads to their destination and unload
  • check items against inventory, noting breakage and damage
  • collect payments and issue receipts
  • maintain a log book with details of trips, including rest breaks on long trips.

Flatbed Truck drivers may drive company-owned Flatbeds or be owner-drivers. Flatbed Owner-drivers must obtain their own delivery work. Flatbed Truck drivers carry a wide variety of goods, including flammable substances, raw materials, building materials, manufactured goods, livestock and refrigerated products. Being a truck driver may mean early starts and days away from family and friends. Modern technology has improved the driver's comfort with some trucks equipped with bunks, televisions, refrigerators and ergonomically designed seats.

Types of Owner Operators / Flatbed Load Drivers

Available Flatbed Load Truck Drivers