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How We Calculate Fuel Costs

Our website automaticlly updates with the Department of Energy website with the weekly US average diesel price. This price is used as an industy standard. We use an average of 5.5 mpg* based on: Carring a Full Truckload (FTL - over 35,000 lbs.) carring a Van, Flatbed or Reefer with seperate fuel tank. If mileage is provided it will be displayed as "Miles" ( in green without an asterisk) and will be used in calcultions. If mileage is NOT provided our mileage is calculated using coordinates. Latitude and longitude coordinates are used to estimate mileage based on distance, NOT actual truck mileage. For mileage displayed as "Miles*" (in red with an asterisk) please use this tool for %80 accuracy on estimates on fuel costs and practical driving mileage calculations.

* You can change the aveage MPG to match your truck, in your account settings.